Amour d'enfants

Amour d’Enfants

Amour d'Enfants a film by Lebanese director Fares Khalil, is a 2008 Lebanese film. It is a romantic comedy dealing with Lebanese social issues.


The story is about a young man “Tony”, a 25 year old agronomy graduate, who works in a coffee shop. He has a stunning girlfriend “Valerie” who works as a model. Carine, a 24 year old actress and scenarist, is engaged to “Jean-Pierre” who works in a bank. “Tony” and “Carine” are both complete strangers until they meet for the first time in a park, in a rather unusual situation. A close friendship fires up between them while her engagement falls apart. On the surface, the story is direct and funny. However, this simplicity combined with the two main characters “Tony” and “Carine”(performed by Elie Mitri and Sarah Warde) add a distinct freshness and originality to the film. “Amour d’Enfants” describes the metamorphosis of a great friendship into an exceptional love.

Cast and Characters

  • Elie Mitri as Tony Daccach
  • Sarah Warde as Carine Kallas
  • Fady Hachem as Karim Kallas a.k.a Shekoush
  • Lisa Guiragossian as Valerie Baboujian
  • Firas El-Hader as Jean-Pierre Sawaya
  • El-Jorr as Tony’s Sister

Special Guests

  • Majde Machmouche
  • Amalia Abi-Saleh
  • Aida Sabra
  • Souha Kikano
  • Antoine Hajal
  • Abdo Bitar
  • Latife Saade
  • Zeina Farjallah


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