Ammunition Technician

Ammunition Technician

An Ammunition Technician (AT) is a British Army soldier trained to inspect, repair, test and modify all ammunition and explosives used by the British Army. They are trained to safely dispose of ammunition and explosives (EOD), and to render safe Improvised Explosive Devices (IED) by a process called IEDD, and Unexploded Ordnance (UXO).

To qualify to attend the class 2 Ammunition Technician course, a soldier must first past a pre-select course, during which time he will be assessed for suitability for role. The pre selection includes psychometric testing, leadership skills, problem solving and numeracy tests.

The basic AT course is 6 months in duration, part of which is spent at The Royal Military College of Science. The course covers conventional land munitions, conventional munition disposal, basic IEDD, guided weapons and explosive theory and safety. The majority of the course takes place at The Army School of Ammunition

ATs are employed within the Royal Logistic Corps within the British Army, but are not exclusive UK MOD, similar personnel also exist in the Canadian, Australian RAAOC ,and New Zealand armed forces. Ammunition Technicians trained at the UK Army School of Ammunition also work in a number of African, Far Eastern and Middle Eastern armed forces.

Royal Logistics Corps Ammunition Technicians trained at the Army School of Ammunition are regarded throughout the world as the subject matter experts in Improvised Explosive Device Disposal as a result of their combined experience in Northern Ireland, Iraq, Afghanistan and many other conflicts.

There is a popular misconception in the United Kingdom that Bomb Disposal is carried out exclusively by the Royal Engineers, due in the main to the TV series Danger UXB. In fact all three Services in the British Military carry out Bomb Disposal within their specialities. The overwhelming majority of this is carried out by the Ammunition Technicians of the Royal Logistic Corp followed by the Royal Navy Clearance Divers and then by the Royal Air Force and Royal Engineers.


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