Ammonoosuc River

Upper Ammonoosuc River

The Upper Ammonoosuc River is a tributary of the Connecticut River that flows through northern New Hampshire in the United States. Despite its name, the river is not connected to the Ammonoosuc River of the White Mountains. The Upper Ammonoosuc rises in Pond of Safety in the town of Randolph, runs generally north through Berlin and Dummer, then west through Stark and drains into the Connecticut River near the village of Groveton in the town of Northumberland, approximately 25 air miles (38 km), but 42.4 river miles (68.3 km) from the headwaters. In Berlin it passes through the Godfrey Dam. Fort Wentworth was built in 1755 at the junction of the Upper Ammonoosuc and the Connecticut Rivers (now in the village of Groveton). The fort was used sporadically during both the French and Indian War and the American Revolutionary War.

The watershed area includes the northern Crescent Range, eastern Pliny Range and the eastern and northern Pilot Range, all in the White Mountains. Major tributaries of the Upper Ammonoosuc include Nash Stream, rising in the township of Odell, Phillips Brook, rising in Erving's Location, and the North Branch of the Upper Ammonoosuc, flowing parallel to the main stem in the town of Milan. The West Branch of the Upper Ammonoosuc rises on the eastern slope of Mount Cabot, drains Unknown Pond and York Pond and joins below the Godfrey Dam.

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