Amin Abad

Amin Abad

Amin Abad (Persian: امين آباد) is small village south of Shahreza, in Isfahan Province near the border of Fars Province along the main highway No. 7 connecting Isfahan to Shiraz.

With a population of around 1500 and increasing number of Ghashghai tribal people leaving nomadic life and settling there permanently , Amin Abad is a growing area and will soon be officially given the status of a city. Grape, wheat, stone fruits and sheep farming are among main industries in Amin Abad.


Amin Abad has a long history of human settlement, with old mud brick citadel of estimated age of more than 500 years. This amazing historical monument was unfortunately demolished with minimal or no official assessment by Iran Cultural Heritage Conservation Organization. Amin Abad caravanserai is a Safavid dynasty era structure and a major tourist attraction. Although no official study has been done, but according to elders, it seems that a mix of Bakhtiari Lors, Ghashghaie Turks, and Hassani Arabs have gathered to form Amin Abad. There are a number of clans now dominating the demographics of Amin Abad like Haj Abassgholi, Haj Mohammad Karim, Haj Mohammad Rahim, and Hamezei. These clans have family names like Hajimirzaalian, Aliani, Alian, Izadi, Hamzei and Mohammadkhani.

Since 1999, Village councils has been established to run the administration of the village. Council elections are held every 4 years. Prior to this period issues used to be dealt with through an unofficial elder (Kadkhoda) or through relevant organization in Shahreza. Late Haj Mehdi Alian was the last Kadkhoda.

During political turmoils and lack of security in the final years of Qajar dynasty that led to establishment of Pahlavi dynasty, Kadkhodas were the only point of authority in the face of increasing lawlessness. There are stories about Mashadi Mirza Alian, an elder from Haj Mohammad Rahim clan, who was the Kadkhoda of the time, ruled with occasional harsh penalties for robberies and adultery. On the other hands there are tales of generosity and helping of poor during the famine of those years.


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