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Amica Mutual Insurance

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Amica Mutual Insurance Company, was founded in 1907. The company is a national writer of automobile, homeowners, marine and personal umbrella liability insurance. Amica Mutual Insurance Company is headquartered in Lincoln, Rhode Island and employs more than 3,000 people in 39 offices across the country.

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Company History

Amica Mutual Insurance Company was founded in 1907.

The man behind the company was Adolph T. Vigneron, a prominent businessman in Providence, RI. At the time he was a vice president of the Associated Factory Mutual Fire Insurance Companies. These companies practiced preferred risk underwriting which provided lower insurance rates for factories in excellent condition. He theorized that the same principles could apply to automobile insurance.

Amica was organized as a mutual company, meaning that the company was owned by policyholders rather than stockholders.

Amica experienced steady growth as the number of automobiles on the road increased. To meet expanding needs, the Factory Mutual Liability Insurance Company of America was chartered in 1914 for the purpose of providing liability insurance to Automobile Mutual policyholders.

In 1941, Amica opened its first branch office in Boston, MA. Today, Amica has 39 offices across the United States. In 1994, Amica’s corporate offices moved from Providence, Rhode Island, to a much larger campus in nearby Lincoln. The company celebrated its 100th year in 2007.


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