amesha spenta

amesha spenta

[ah-me-shuh spen-tuh]

In Zoroastrianism, any of the six divine beings (three male, three female) created by Ahura Mazda to help govern creation. They are worshiped separately, and each has a special month, festival, and flower. The most important are Asha Vahishta (“Truth”), who presides over the sacred fire and holds out the path of justice and spiritual knowledge, and Vohu Manah (“Good Mind”), who welcomes the blessed into paradise. Khshathra Vairya (“Desirable Dominion”) presides over metal, Spenta Armaiti (“Beneficent Devotion”) over earth, and Haurvatat (“Wholeness”) and Ameretat (“Immortality”) over water and plants. In later Zoroastrianism, each is opposed by a specific archfiend.

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