Ames (automobile)

Ames (automobile)

The Ames was an American automobile manufactured in Owensboro, Kentucky from 1910 to 1915. A beetle-backed "gentleman's roadster" and a five-passenger tourer were the first models offered for sale by the company.

Ames Motor Car Company was founded in 1910, by Frederick A. Ames, who converted his carriage plant into an automobile plant. From 1910 to 1911, the Ames Motor Car Company had one design of chassis, one engine, and two different body styles. Following gaining additional capital in 1912, Ames produced three different chassis and engines, and still only two body styles. Not long after, the AMCC went back to the one chassis one engine philosophy, though they had a hard time deciding which wheelbase and which engine to keep. The company stopped producing automobiles in 1915. The last model the company made was called "The Kentucky Thoroughbred."

Output for AMCC was 50 units a month for the duration of its existence, and the cars sold for $1,500.00, a deal which led a Texas automobile dealer to call them, "the best fifteen hundred dollar car" in the country.

Later prodcution was of special racing bodies for the Ford Model T.


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