Ambassador Dumba

Konstantin Dumba

Konstantin Theodor Dumba (also Constantin Dumba) (1856-1947) was the last Austro-Hungarian ambassador to the United States. He served from 1913-1915, succeeding the 20-year ambassador Ladislaus Hengelmüller von Hengervár. Due to a series of scandals during the lead up to World War I that showed he was involved with espionage, Dumba was declared persona non grata in 1915 by President Woodrow Wilson.

His father was the Greek-Austrian magnate Nicolaus Dumba.


  • Austria-Hungary and the war, 1915, New York, Austro-Hungarian consulate-general. Co-authors: Albert Apponyi, Ladislaus Hengelmüller von Hengervár, Konstantin Theodor Dumba, Alexander Nuber von Pereked
  • Memoirs of a diplomat, 1932, Published by Little, Brown and Company. ASIN B000859FHQ


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