Amadito Valdes

Afro-Cuban All Stars

Afro-Cuban All-Stars is a Cuban band led by Juan de Marcos González (formerly tres player for Sierra Maestra). Their music is a mix of all the styles of Cuban music, including bolero, chachachá, salsa, son montuno, timba, guajira, danzón, rumba and abakua. They are known internationally for their 1997 album A Toda Cuba Le Gusta, which was recorded at the Buena Vista Social Club sessions. Members have included Rubén González, Orlando "Cachaito" Lopez, Ibrahim Ferrer, Raul Planas, Pío Leyva, Manuel "Puntillita" Licea, Yanko Pisaco and more recently Caridad Hierrezuelo and Pedro Calvo.


  • A Toda Cuba Le Gusta (1997)
  • Distinto Diferente (1999)
  • Baila mi Son ((Featuring Felix Baloy)(2000)
  • Bajando Gervasio (Featuring Amadito Valdes) (2004)
  • Live in Japan (2005)
  • Step Forward (2005)

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