Altezza lights

Altezza lights

Altezza lights (also known as "Euro Taillights" and "Lexus Lights") are vehicle tail lamp clusters consisting of one or more internal lamp units, covered with a clear (or tinted) acrylic cover made popular by Lexus. Some Altezza lights also include LED lighing.


The style was first used on the rear light clusters on the first generation Lexus IS, which was sold in Japan under the brandname Toyota Altezza. This iconic style of lamp units became known in many circles as 'Lexus-style' or 'Altezza-style' tail lights.

Prior to the release of the Altezza, the Mark IV Toyota Supra (probably inspired by Ferrari car designs at that time ) used an encased tail lamp assembly which essentially started the trend. The Mark I Altezza gained popularity due to the fact that the inside housing was finished in chrome whereas the Toyota Supra lamps came in a darker gun-metal grey color.


Currently Altezza lights design is popular and not limited to after-market replacements taillights even influencing the taillight design of many new car models.

The Altezza lights replacement taillights are available for popular car models and manufactured mostly from China and Taiwan. Due to competition among after-market companies to produce low cost products, it is not uncommon to have quality issues with a number of these replacement lights such as poor fitting, low quality plastic, water leakage, or inferior chrome coating.

Other names for Altezza lights

  • Eurolite (Euro)
  • Aftermarket Tail Lights
  • Clear Tail Lights
  • Next-generation Tail Lights
  • Custom Tail Lights
  • Ricer Tail Lights
  • Chav Lights
  • Pikey Tail Lights

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