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Alta Lake State Park

''This page is about the lake and associated state park in Washington, United States. For the lake in Whistler, British Columbia, see Alta Lake (British Columbia). For the former resort community and current neighbourhood of Whistler see Alta Lake, British Columbia.
Alta Lake State Park is a 181 acre (732,000 m²) camping park located in the mountainous northwest interior of the state of Washington, United States. The park and adjacent lake lie beneath towering stone cliffs, formed by glaciation, that rise 1000 feet (304 m) above the valley floor, and carry on up to the top of Old Goat Mountain which sits 4200 ft (1280 m) above the park. The lake is about long and .5 miles wide. The park has 2 miles (3.2 km) of hiking trails. Popular activities at the park are sailboarding and golf at the nearby Alta Lake Golf Course. Although quite small, this park is a very popular summer camping location. There is also a sizable number of houses along the golf course and lake that are either primary or vacation residences.


The lake was named "Alta" in 1900 by a miner from Wilbur, Washington after his daughter Alta Heinz. The area around Alta Lake was originally owned by the city of Pateros, Washington, and sold to the Washington State Park System in 1951.


The park lies about 2 miles (3 km) southwest of Pateros, Washington and over 20 miles (32 km) from Chelan, Washington. The two mile (3 km) road leading to the park, Alta Lake Road, can be accessed from State Route 153, which runs along the Methow River.

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