Alraune (1958 film)

Alraune (1952 film)

Alraune (also known as Unnatural) is a 1952 science fiction horror film directed by Arthur Maria Rabenalt and starring Hildegard Knef in which a scientist creates a woman who is beautiful and yet soulless, lacking any sense of morality. It is based upon the German myth of Alraune in which a woman is impregnated by a mandrake root. It is the fifth and as of 2007 the final movie to be based upon this myth.

The film was produced by Carlton Films and Deutsche Styria Film GmbH and distributed by Gloria in Germany and Distributors Corporation of America Inc. (DCA) in the United States in 1958 in a version dubbed into English.


Actor Role
Hildegard Knef Alraune
Erich von Stroheim Jacob ten Brinken
Karlheinz Böhm Frank Braun
Harry Meyen Count Geroldingen
Rolf Henniger Wolf Goutram (Ralph in the US version)
Harry Halm Doctor Mohn
Hans Cossy Mathieu, the coachman
Gardy Brombacher Lisbeth, the maid
Trude Hesterberg Fuerstin Wolkonska
Julia Koschka Olga Wolkonska
Denise Vernac Olga Wolkonska
Arno Ebert
Willem Holzboer

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