Almalik was an ancient city in Central Asia. It was mentioned by Persian historians and Chinese travellers (a.o. Qiu Chuji) from the 13th to 15th centuries. It was first mentioned in an account by a Persian historian that in 1211, Prince Ozar of Almalik acknowledged the supremacy of Genghis Khan. This king was later killed by the gurkhan of Karakitai. Genghis Khan ordered the king's son Siknak Tekin to succeed him as king of Almalik, and gave him the daughter of his elder son Choji for marriage. In 1219, when Genghis Khan led his host on campaign to Persia, Siknak Tekin followed.

According to the travel notes of Genghis Khan's chief advaiser Yelü Chucai, the city of Almalik was situated between Tian Shan and Ili River. There were plenty of crab apples trees around Almalik. The native people called the crab apple "almalik", hence the name of the city.

The ancient city of Almalik is not to be confused with Almalyk, a new city built in 1951 between the Qurama Mountains and the Ohangaron River.

The ancient city Almalik does not exist to day.

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