Jacques d'Allonville

Jacques Eugène d'Allonville, Chevalier de Louville par Fontenelle (July 14, 1671 – September, 1732) was a French astronomer and mathematician.

He was born in the Château de Louville, and studied mathematics before joining the navy. He achieved the rank of colonel before retiring from military service in 1713, following the peace of Utrecht. He thereafter took up the study of astronomy.

He is noted for determining a method for precisely calculating the occurrence of solar eclipses.

He died at Saint-Jean de Bray.

The Louville crater on the Moon is named for him.


  • Observations sur l'obliquité de l'écliptique, 1714
  • Nouvelles tables du soleil, 1720
  • Nouvelle méthode de calculer les éclipses, 1724
  • Remarques sur la question des forces vives, 1721-28.

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