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List of mausoleums and shrines in Pakistan

Pakistan has many shrines, sights, sounds and symbols that have siginificance to Pakistani nationalists. These include the Shrines of Political leaders of pre-indepdence and post-independence Pakistan, Shrines of Religious leaders and Saints, The Shrines of Imperial leaders of various Islamic Empires and Dynasties, as well as national symbols and sounds of Pakistan. Some of these shrines, sights and symbols have become a places of Pilgrimage for Pakistani ultra-nationalism and militarism, as well as for obviously religious purposes.

Mausoleums and Shrines of Political leaders

Below is a list of Shrines and mausoleums of political leaders and activists that were involved in politics of pre-independence and post-independence Pakistan. Some may consider these leaders religious, others may consider them strictly political leaders. This is list ordered by year of death and is in no way limited to:

Mausoleums and Shrines of Religious leaders

Below is a list of a few Shrines and mausoleums of Muslim Religious leaders and Saints that were involved in Religion of pre-independence and post-independence Pakistan. This is in no way limited to:

Mausoleums and Shrines of War Dead

  • The Rawalpindi race-course shrine, commemorates Pakistan's war dead. The hundreds of thousands who died for Pakistan in the conflicts accompanying the war of independence, the partition of India and similar domestic conflicts, Pakistani Annexation of Kalat 1947-48, the First Indo-Pakistan War in 1948, the second Indo-Pakistan War 1965, the Third Indo-Pakistan war in 1971, The first Afghan-Pakistan war over Pakhtunistan in 1955-1957, the second Afghan-Pakistan over Pakhtunistan in 1961-1963, The Balochistan Insurgency 1973-77, The Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan 1979-1988, and other smaller conflicts such as Siachen and Kargil conflict, as well as the war on terrorism are enshrined at Rawalpindi in form of written records, which note name, origin and date and place of death of everyone enshrined.


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