Allen Taflove

Allen Taflove

Allen Taflove is a professor in the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science of Northwestern University's McCormick School of Engineering. He is a pioneer in the field of computational electrodynamics who, in 1980, coined the term finite-difference time-domain (FDTD) computational solutions of Maxwell's equations. FDTD techniques have since emerged as primary means to computationally model many scientific and engineering problems dealing with electromagnetic wave interactions with material structures. Current FDTD modeling applications range from near-DC (ultralow-frequency geophysics involving the entire Earth-ionosphere waveguide) through microwaves (radar signature technology, antennas, wireless communications devices, digital interconnects, biomedical imaging/treatment) to visible light (photonic crystals, nanoplasmonics, solitons, and biophotonics). In 2006, approximately 34 commercial and university-developed FDTD software suites were available for use (Finite-difference time-domain method#External links) and an estimated 2,000 FDTD-related publications appeared in the science and engineering literature (Finite-difference time-domain method#Growth of FDTD publications). Prof. Taflove is an ISI highly cited researcher placing him in the top 250 most cited scientists in the world in his field over the last ten years.

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