Allegheny vine


Fumariaceae is the botanical name for a family of flowering plants. Such a family has been recognized by a fair number of taxonomists: it is sometimes called the "Fumitory family". The family includes some popular garden plants, such as

However, the plants involved have also often been treated as subfamily Fumarioideae in family Papaveraceae.

The APG II system, of 2003 (unchanged from the APG system, of 1998), does not recognize this family, not as such. However, it does allow it to be segregated from the family Papaveraceae, as an optional segregate. APG II, in as far as it accepts this family, places it in the order Ranunculales, in the clade eudicots. They distinguished 15 genera: Adlumia, Capnoides, Ceratocapnos, Corydalis, Cryptocapnos, Cysticapnos, Dactylicapnos, Dicentra, Discocapnos, Fumaria, Platycapnos, Pseudofumaria, Rupicapnos, Sarcocapnos, and Trigonocapnos

In this circumscription it includes the plants that sometimes have been treated as family Hypecoaceae and thus consists of a dozen-and-a-half genera, with several hundred species, from the Northern Hemisphere and South Africa.

Thus, it would conform to the family as recognized by the Cronquist system, of 1981, which however placed it in order Papaverales, in subclass Magnoliidae in class Magnoliopsida [=dicotyledons].

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