Allan Weisbecker

Allan Weisbecker

Allan C. Weisbecker is a novelist, screenwriter, memoirist and surfer. He is the author of the "cheerfully immoral novel Cosmic Banditos, the memoir In Search of Captain Zero and Can't You Get Along With Anyone? A Writer's Memoir and a Tale of a Lost Surfer's Paradise.

Allan has also written for several surfing magazines, including Surfer, Surfing and The Surfer's Journal, as well as scripting episodes of the television series Crime Story and Miami Vice. A movie version of Cosmic Banditos directed by John Cusack is currently in the works.

In late 2006 his third book Can't You Get Along With Anyone? A Writer's Memoir and Tale of a Lost Surfer's Paradise, a memoir about his life at the end of the road in Costa Rica, was published. Initially, the book was published the UK by Humdrumming LLC, in limited quantities. Weisbecker alleges to have narrowly survived the chronicled events that transpired during the writing of the book. In May, 2007 Weisbecker created his own publishing company, Bandito Books and in August, 2007 the book became available in the US.

Can't You Get Along With Anyone?, among other things, uncovers the inner workings of the squatter conflicts and an associated double murder that occurred in Costa Rica during the mid-1990s.


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