Allameh Tabatabaee University

Allameh Tabatabaii University

Allameh Tabatabaei University (Persian: دانشگاه علامه طباطبائی), Formerly known as University of Tehran, School of Finance and Commerce (Persian: دانشگاه تهران ,مدرسه عالي بازرگاني) until 1981, is a university in Tehran, Iran.

The university is named in honor of Allameh Tabatabaei.

The university is mainly active in the humanities and economic sciences. It currently constitutes 7 Colleges.


The university was first founded in 1956 with academic support from American institutions as The High School of Commerce (مدرسه عالي بازرگاني). In 1984, various institutes of higher education such as the Literature and Humanities University Complex and the Commerce and Administration University Complex and many others were merged to form the present university. The colleges which formed these complexes and now constitute this university are as follows :

Literature and Humanities University Complex : College of Social Services (1958), College of Social Communication (1966), College of Pars (1967), College of Damavand (1969), College of Translation (1969), Research Center for Iranian Culture (1970), College of Political and Social Sciences (1971), Teacher Training College (1973), and College of Shemiran (1973). University Complex of Commerce and Business Administration : Tehran College of Commerce (1958), College of Banking (1964), Tehran College of Insurance (1970), College of Iran Zamin (1969), Industrial Management Institute (1970), College of Tourism and Information (1972), Center for Public Management (1972), Iran Centre for Management Studies (1971), College of Airpost Training (1974), Advanced School of Accounting and Finance, National Iranian Oil Company (1957), International College of Administrative and Commercial Services (1976).

In May 2001 the Iran Centre for Management Studies was re-established as an independent educational institution.


The British popular experimental rock band Cambridge Fats' guitarist, Dana Akbarinassab (دانا اکبری نسب) was involved in the Librarianship and Information Science department and Anjoman-e-Eslami of the university for a year at the university. He is one of the many people, along with Dr. Iraj Saba whom the university is very proud of, although it has never been officially stated that he had been involved with the university or any of its associations, mainly due to the strict pressure from the Iranian pro-Islamic government which discourages western music and culture in universities and schools.

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