All About Love (2006 film)

All About Love is a film released under Star Cinema and directed by 3 of the most popular directors in the Philippines. John Lloyd Cruz won the 2007 Luna Award for Best Actor, handed out by the Film Academy of the Philippines, for his performance in this movie.

Three stories of love, courage, trust and taking a risk come in one film to tell us how love touches us in countless ways. Everything is really All About Love

The nature of love is explored in this trio of short films from the Philippines. In "Promdi," two childhood friends Kikay(Angelica Panganiban) and Kiko (Jason Abalos) discover their relationship has blossomed into love.

In "Kalesa," a responsible young woman Badong (Anne Curtis) and a flashy playboy Wesley (Luis Manzano) fall in love despite their differences.

And in "About Anna," two heartbroken people Eric (John Lloyd Cruz) and Lia (Bea Alonzo) find comfort in each other's arms.



Kikay (Angelica Panganiban) and Kiko (Jason Abalos) grew up together in the province and built a strong friendship. But Kikay has to leave her best friend to live and study in Manila. She tries to fit in her new environment in the city but she ends up being abused by the people she thought as her new friends. Kikay returns to the province with a wounded self-esteem. There, she realizes how much Kiko loves her.

Feeling unworthy of his love, Kikay drives Kiko away. But will she ever find the courage to come face to face with her own problems and admit her love for him?


After a bout with stroke paralyzed her father, Badong (Anne Curtis) took the responsibility of earning for her family by taking over his job as a kutsero. She figures in an accident and a fight involving her horse, an expensive sports car and Wesley (Luis Manzano), the seemingly playboy grandson of the former president. But romance creeps into their cat-dog relationship. He shows her his true love but she contains her feelings and refuses to believe that a rich guy could really fall in love with a woman of her status.

Will Badong learn how to trust Wesley and tell him she really wants him in her.

About Anna

Eric (John Lloyd Cruz) and Lia (Bea Alonzo) are two broken persons. Lia recently lost her faith in love when her fiancé got another girl pregnant while Eric is trying to convince himself that he has moved on from the death of his beloved girlfriend, Anna. To prove that he has finally gotten over his loss, Eric recorded his voice in a tape and he intentionally misplaced it as a symbol of letting go. By some twist of fate, Lia was able to get the tape and was instantly moved by the greatness of the voice’s love for the girl. Lia decided to search for the voice to prove that true love is real and it still exists. Unbeknownst to her, the one she is looking for is just living next door – her annoying neighbor, Eric. But just as when they were already getting along, Eric discovers that Lia has his tape. The pain suddenly starts coming back. He tries to convince her that the voice doesn’t exist but ends up falling in love with her.

Will Lia ever believe in true love again?

Three stories of love, fate and courage come in one film to tell a story of how love touches us in countless ways.



Also starring

  • Miko Palanca
  • Mikel Campos
  • Maoui David
  • Paw Diaz
  • Eva Darren
  • Lito Pimentel
  • Empoy Marquez
  • Pia Romero
  • Juddha Paolo
  • Lee Simon Brown



Roxy A. Liquigan El Oro, The Team


Addiss Tabong


Jessie Lasaten


Renewin Alano


Nancy Arcega Dante Nico Garcia


Charlie Peralta Ramoncito Redoble Christopher Manjares


Jennilee Chuaunsu John Paul Abellera Vanessa Valdez Carmi Raymundo Arah Badayos


Kara Kintanar


Elma Madua


Charo Santos-Concio Malou N. Santos


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