All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce

All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce

Established in 1953, the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce (ACFIC) serves as a people's organization and non-governmental chamber of commerce composed of Chinese industrialists and businessmen under the leadership of the Chinese Communist Party; an organization assisting the government to manage China's non-public economy, and also a bridge linking the Party and Government and non-public economic personages.

At present, the ACFIC guideline follows the political-economic theory of Deng Xiaoping's "One country, two systems" and the practice of "Socialism with Chinese characteristics." Both ideas, as translated from Chinese, regard the preliminary stage of China's yearning economy and the government's necessary role as a guiding force for economic activity.

The ACFIC has established far-ranging connections with chambers of commerce of over one hundred nations and regions. It will persistently promote its relationship with industrial and commercial organizations, enterprises and individuals both at home and abroad, and strengthen accordingly the cooperation and common development of a global economy.

ACFIC Notables

Currently, the Eighth Executive Committee is led by Huang Mengfu, who is also currently the Vice-chairman of the 10th CPPCC National Committee.

Mr. Hu Jintao, member of the Politburo Standing Committee of the CCP Central Committee, joined in the discussion by ACFIC representatives during the 4th session of the Eighth Political Consultative Conference in March 1996.

Chairman of the State Jiang Zemin met in April 1995 with Mr. Lee Kun-Hee, CEO of South Korea's Samsung Group, Mrs. Lee, and their delegation, who came to visit China at the invitation of ACFIC.

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