Alkyonides Gulf

Alkyonides Gulf

The Alkyonides Gulf (Greek: Κόλπος Αλκυονίδων Kolpos Alykonidon or -Alkionidon), also Alkionides Gulf is a strait that connects with the Gulf of Corinth to the west. The strait is approximately 20 to 25 km long and 20 km wide. It stretches from Aigosthena to Cape Trachilos from east to west and from Mikra Strava to Cape Trachilos from north to south. There are three prefectures that are bounding this gulf, Corinthia to the south, Attica to the east and Viotia to the north. Except for the Megaris Plain to the southeast, mountains surround the gulf. These mountains include the Geraneia to the south, Pateras and Cithaeron (or Kitheronas) to the east and Karampoli to the north. Beaches including Mikra Strava, Strava, Mavrolimni, Kato Aleopchori, Aigosthena, Alyki and Paralia Korinis lies within the gulf. There are no ferry routes in this strait. The Alkyonides Islands, which are also known as Kala Nisia (Good Island), lie in the western end. These islands include Daskalio, Prasonisi and Zoodochos Pigi. More islands, including Fonias and Makronissos lie to the extreme north. Kouveli, in the Domvrenas Bay, also lies in the north.

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