Alexander Viets Griswold

Alexander Viets Griswold Allen

Alexander Viets Griswold Allen, D.D. (1841–1908) was a Episcopal theologian, born at Otis, Massachusetts, United States of America. He graduated at Kenyon College in 1862 and at Andover Theological Seminary in 1865. He was ordained a priest in the Protestant Episcopal Church in that year, and in 1867 became professor of Church history in the Episcopalian divinity school at Cambridge.

His publications include:

  • Continuity of Christian Thought (Bohlen Lectures for 1883, Boston, 1884; eleventh edition, 1895)
  • Life of Jonathan Edwards (1889)
  • Religious Progress (1894)
  • Christian Institutions (New York, 1897)
  • Life and Letters of Phillips Brooks (two volumes, 1901)


C. Slattery for his Life, (New York, 1911).


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