alexander the great

alexander the great

Alexander the Great is regarded as one of the greatest kings of Macedonia. In his thirteen year reign, Alexander the Great conquered more land than any other ruler at the time. He was born in 356 B.C. and his reign lasted from 336 B.C. to 323 B.C.

Born Alexander III of Mecedon in Pella, Greece, Alexander the Great was the son of King Philip II of Macedon, a conqueror. Alexander the Great was tutored by the philosopher Aristotle until he was 16 years of age. After the assassination of his father, Alexander the Great inherited the Macedonian throne. In 334 B.C., Alexander the Great invaded the Persian-ruled Asia Minor and began a ten year campaign of conquering. He conquered the Persian king Darius III and took sole control over the vast Persian empire. Alexander the Great was respected amongst his men because he would always fight the battles with the rest of the men on the front lines. He was very experienced in warfare because he was in charge of a portion of his father's army when he was only seventeen years of age. When he became king at age 20, he was skilled enough to set out on his campaign of conquering.

Alexander the Great had at least 20 cities that bore his name. The most famous of these cities is undoubtedly Alexandria, Egypt. Alexandria was a key center of Hellenism and one of the most scientifically oriented cities in the entire world. Before the Library at Alexandria was destroyed during the dark ages, it is said that it contained the most knowledge that had existed up to that point in history. Alexander the Great died of an apparent fever in June of 323 B.C. at the age of 32. His legacy has been revered and studied for over 2000 years.

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