Aldobrandini family

Aldobrandini family

The Aldobrandini were an undistinguished Florentine family whose Roman fortunes were made when Ippolito Aldobrandini became pope under the name Pope Clement VIII. He arranged the marriage that linked the Aldobrandini with the Roman family of Pamphili. Additionally, they were also linked to marriage alliances with the Farnese (Ranuccio I, duke of Parma, had married Margherita Aldobrandini) and Borghese (since Olimpia Aldobrandini married Paolo Borghese).

The family's palazzo and its collections of works of art and furnishings, is the Doria Pamphilj Gallery. The Doria, Pamphilj, Landi and Aldobrandini families have become united through marriage and descent under the simplified surname Doria Pamphilj.

Other members of the Aldobrandini:

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