[ahl-kawr-kohn, al-; Sp. ahl-kawr-kawn]

Alcorcón is a city in the metropolitan area of Madrid which, as of the first of January 2006, had a population of 166,553 . It is located 13 km to the south-west of Madrid.

The site appears to have been inhabited since prehistoric times. An early written reference to Alcorcón is in a medieval document that dates from the 28 of July of 1208.

The city has been growing rapidly in recent times due to immigration from other parts of Spain.

Not only has the Alcorcon population been increasing, but also the services of the city have been developing spectacularly. Nowadays Alcorcon has two hospitals, the Fundación Hospital de Alcorcón (which is state owned, but run privately), and the Hospital Sur Madrid (a totally private hospital). The centres teaching health related degrees of the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos are based in the city. In addition Club Atletico de Madrid is going to build training facilities in the north of the municipality.

The city plays host to the football team Agrupación Deportiva de Alcorcón that plays in group 1 of Segunda División B.


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