Alcimachus or Alkimachos may refer to:

  • Alkimachos Painter Attic red-figure vase painter c. 460 BC
  • Alcimachus a painter mentioned by Pliny. He is not spoken of by any other writer, and all that is known about him is, that he painted a picture of Dioxippus, a victor in the pancratium at Olympia.
  • Alcimachus Athenian general in Amphipolis 364 BC
  • Alcimachus of Pella honoured by Demades
  • Alcimachus brother of Lysimachus ,youngest of the sons of Thessalian Agathocles. General and diplomat of Alexander the Great
  • Alcimachus father of Euphorbus traitor, he betrayed Eretria to Persians.
  • Alcimachus of Pydna Macedonian-Epirote buried in Pydna


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