Alcatel Vacuum Technology

Alcatel Vacuum Technology

Alcatel Vacuum Technology is an acknowledged world supplier of vacuum pumps, leak detectors and plasma sensors. Forty years of experience developing innovative products for the semiconductor industry, the automotive market and the public R&D have led Alcatel Vacuum Technology to become the fastest growing company in the vacuum industry and the third largest supplier of vacuum solutions.


The Alcatel Vacuum Technology product-range includes:
-vacuum pumps: rotary vane pumps, RVP roughing pumps, secondary pumps, turbomolecular pumps, Maglev pumps, high vacuum pumps, dry primary pumps, multi-process dry pumps, compact dry roughing pumps, plug-and-play tool pumping systems and vacuum components (valves, flanges and fittings).
-leak detectors: portable helium leak detectors, helium leak detection workstations and hydrogen leak detectors Adixen Sensistor (portable and console).
-plasma sensors: Lyotrack and chemistry monitoring with APS500.

Brand Name

Developed and manufactured in Annecy, these innovative solutions renowned for their unique expertise carry the Adixen brand-name as a guarantee of high performances and cost-effectiveness. A worldwide network of agents and subsidiaries also support the Adixen portfolio of products and services.

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