Alaleh Alamir

Alaleh Alamir

Alaleh Alamir (born in Iran 1959) is an artist. She graduated with a BA from Reed College, (Oregon) and postgraduate studies led to an MFA from Parsons School of Design (New York).

The daughter of Djavad Alamir, a liberal journalist, she comes from a multicultural background and works now between Europe and India. Having immersed herself into the culture of the many countries she has lived in, she speaks several languages fluently. Her interest in humanist knowledge and spirituality as well as her love and talent for poetry, have all contributed in bringing sophistication and a cosmopolitan dimension to her work.


She has explored many media throughout the years, showing great versatility of expression. Her substantial catalogue includes photography, film, poetry, a number of installations, paintings and engravings as well as participations in performances. One of her greatest sources of inspiration remains nature and this is evident in most of her wide ranging work.

Far from being fragmented, her body of work endeavours to address what is central to her continual quest – issues of inner process and perception. Whilst she uses traditional themes prominent in classical Persian art forms such as mosaic or stained glass, her work takes on a distinct universal dimension. Her approach is both instinctive and intentional and strives to convey philosophical honesty. The discernible lyrical dimension permeating her work stems from her love for poetry.

She is best known for her installations and her drawings presented in series – her “Mosaics” in which she conveys a sense of continual flow as well as one of permanence. For instance in her aquatic installation “Aqua-Iris y Pergamino” (AIAP, Monaco), she explores light’s play and vibrations by capturing its prisms; in “SA’AT” (Musées de Nice), her panels of painted skies display the ephemeral nature of the world’s unstable moods; in another mosaic of drawings called “Self Portrait”, her quest takes the form of a “psycho-synthesis ”.

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