Al-Qusayr, Syria

Al Qusayr, Syria or Al-Qusayr (القصير) is a Syrian city administratively belonging to Homs Governorate. Al-Qusayr has an altitude of 540 meters. It has a population of 44,395.

Al Qusayr, is the closest modern day city to the ancient walled hilltop city of Qadesh (now the ruins known as Tell Nebi Mend, (ca. 1766 ft)) named for the ancient deity Qetesh (Qetesh-goddess of beauty) and which sits north and above the plain east of the river where historians place the largest chariot vs. chariot battle in antiquity, the Battle of Qadesh, May 1274 BC between the forces of Ramesses II's Egypt and the Anatolian Empire of the Hittites of Muwatalli II.

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