Al-Karam Publications

Al-Karam Publications

Al-Karam Publications was established by Shaykh Muhammad Imdad Hussain Pirzada and it is the name under which his works and those associated with Jamia Al-Karam are published. Al-Karam Publications is dedicated to publishing and providing literature and resources promoting the true teachings of Islam. Its books and resources cover various topics including Islamic beliefs, teachings, fiqh/jurisprudence, Arabic Grammar and much more and are published in the Arabic, English and Urdu languages. Its books and resources are taught in many mosques, schools, and educational institutes mainly in the United Kingdom. However, they are also beneficial for private study at home or just a general read. Al-Karam Publications also produces a unique quarterly called the "Al-Karam Journal" that is intended for college and university level students. Based in the United Kingdom, Al-Karam Publications is strategically located to serve the world.

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