Al Goze

Al Quoz

Al Quoz (القوز), or Al Goze, is a locality in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE). Al Quoz is located in western Dubai. It is bordered to the north by Al Wasl and to the west by Umm Al Sheif, Al Manara and Al Safa. Al Quoz comprises four subcommunities which make up the Al Quoz Industrial District:

  • Al Quoz First Industrial Area
  • Al Quoz Second Industrial Area
  • Al Quoz Third Industrial Area
  • Al Quoz Fourth Industrial Area

These industrial areas, which occupy much of southwestern Dubai city limits, service development projects such as Dubai Marina and Emirates Hills as well as the freezone in Jebel Ali. Al Quoz is being developed by Dubai Municipality as an exclusive industrial area; many labour accommodation facilities are located in Al Quoz. Some facilities (also called labour camps) are able to house about 2,000 labourers, who are segregated by nationality, to avoid potential disputes.

In March 2007, labourers from Al Quoz rioted, as part of a larger 8,000 strong protest against contracting companies, demanding better living conditions and a wage increase of Dh. 200 (US$ 55) and a food allowance of Dh. 150 (US$ 42) per month.

On 26 March 2008, an explosion ripped through two warehouses in Al Quoz killing at least two people. The explosion originated from a warehouse storing gas and subsequently ignited a warehouse next door containing fireworks. Flames from the explosion spread to seventy warehouses nearby, causing at least Dh 600,000,000 ($170 mil) of damage. Debris from the gas warehouse and fireworks warehouse landed as far away as the communities of Al Safa and Jumeirah. This is the seventh industrial accident in Al Quoz in five years.


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