Akure, town (1991 est. pop. 143,000), S Nigeria. Timber is cut nearby and processed in Akure, which is also a cacao marketing center. Akure was a small independent Yoruba kingdom until it was conquered by Benin in the early 19th cent. Great Britain gained control in 1894. Akure has an agricultural school, a teachers college, and a technology university.
Akure is a city in the southwestern region of Nigeria, and is the largest city and capital of Ondo State. The city has a population of approximately 387,087. The people are of the Yoruba ethnic group.


Rock engravings dating back to the Mesolithic period, have been discovered on the outskirts of Akure, as has the oldest Homo Sapiens fossil to have been found in West Africa to thus far, dating back to around 11,000 years ago.

Folklore mentioned the city was founded by a descendant children of Oduduwa, the progenitor of the Yoruba people. The Prince left Ile-Ife in search of a place to settle just as many other Yoruba cities were founded by Princes. The heavy royal beads on his neck was to have broken with the beads running off, thereby deciphering this must be the place Olorun (God) wants him to settle at, hence the name "Àkún rę" (Beads broken), later becoming Akure.

Akure's King is known as the Deji of Akure and supported by five high chiefs under the domain. It was said one of the high chiefs caught a tiger , thereby adding an appellation to the city's name Akure Oloyemekun (Chief caught a tiger alive) or Oyemekun for short. The Oba's Palace is located at the centre of the town. it is a very old palace. the palace has over 15 courtyards with each having its unique purpose, Ua nla, Ua Ibura,Ua jemifohun, Ua Ikomo are some of the courtyards. for example, In the Ua ubura courtyards oaths are taken, and the ua Ikomo is for naming ceremonies. this expplains that each courtyard has a specific function that it serves. Presently a bigger and modern palace is being built behind the old palace. Oja Oba, which translates to mean the Oba's Market is just a stone throw from the Palace.

Agriculture and commerce

Akure has local television and radio stations, NTA Akure, Ondo State Television, Sunshine Radio Akure, and FM Akure. Akure is the trade center for a farming region where yams, cassava, corn, and tobacco are grown. Cotton is grown and used to weave cloth.

Health and education

The state specialist hospital in Akure is equipped with well trained medical personnel to cater for health problems. To supplement the efforts of the state specialist hospital in meeting the medical needs of the populace, there are other government health centres and several private clinics.

The city has a university, the Federal University of Technology Akure. It also has first class colleges like the prestigious Thomas Aquinas College.

It is the birthplace of writer Kole Omotosho.


For sporting events, Akure has a stadium with a capacity of 15,000 spectators and a Globalcom Premier league team, the Sunshine Football Club.

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