Akimoto Fumio

Fumio Akimoto

was born on 30 November 1894 in Asuka, Takaichi District, Nara. He was 5 years younger than Toshitsugu Takamatsu and was his highest ranking and leading pupil. He died on 20 July 1962. He was especially good at Taijutsu and Bikenjutsu. Toshitsugu Takamatsu once said: "I have to be on guard seriously when I teach him or have training with him in Ken!".

Akimoto Fumio held Menkyo kaiden in Gikan-ryū Koppōjutsu and Shoken Ryu Daken-Taijutsu.

He won a match against the famous Judoka Kyuzo Mifune and later he entered the Kodokan where he became 5th Dan (the highest grading in that time). He was married to Mitsu Abe.

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