Aken (Elbe)

Aken (Elbe)

Aken (Elbe) [ˈaːkən] is a town in the district of Anhalt-Bitterfeld in Saxony-Anhalt, Germany. The town is located at the left bank of the Elbe river.


Aken located at the Middle Elbe is approx. 8 km west of Dessau-Rosslau in extended lowlands within the Biosphere Reserve Middle Elbe. Approx. 15 km west of Aken the Saale river enters the Middle Elbe.


Heidehof, Kleinzerbst, Kühren, Lorf, Mennewitz, Obselau and Susigke

Citizen development

year citizen
1970 12.154
2005 9.083


The castle Gloworp was first mentioned in the 12th century. The town itself was first documented in 1219, naming the mayor Waltherus de Aken. In 1270 Aken received its town charter as Civitas. The name Aken is based on the Latin name Aqua (location at or near the water). Probably this was a foundation from lower rhenish settlers from Aachen which is spelled Aken in the Dutch language.

Town twinning

Culture and sights

  • historical town hall
  • two medieval churches: St. Nicholas and St. Mary
  • "Stone Kemenate" (heated residential building) from the 13th century with arches
  • town wall from the Middle Ages with 3 remaining towers
  • passenger navigation on the river Elbe
  • Biosphere Reserve Middle Elbe

Notable Persons

Honorary Citizens

Notable people born in Aken

Resident who influenced the history of the city

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