Aka (Burmese)

Aka (Burmese)

Bando practitioners (Bandoist) need to understand various types of body structure first. There are nine "Bando basic forms" in the Bando system.

Aka in Hanthawaddy Thaing

In the modern bando (style : Hanthawaddy bando system of the 19th Century) there are 9 basic forms:

  • 1 – Point Form (Protecting de territory)
  • 2 – Square Form (Defensive stepping)
  • 3 – Cross Form (Balance and movement)
  • 4 – T-Form (Counter-attack)
  • 5 – Triangle Form (Deceptive defense)
  • 6 – Circle Form (Evasive defense)
  • 7 – Points star Form (Salutation to nature/night)
  • 8 – Sun Form (Salutation to the sun)
  • 9 – Line Form (Salutation to warrior monks)

And 9 animal forms:

  • Eagle, Tiger, Panther, Cobra, Viper, Bull, Boar, Python, and Scorpion form

With stick and staff:

  • Long stick: 4 Winds, 4 Corners, Horseman, Pilgrim staff
  • Medium stick and short stick
  • Staff: Mandalay Staff, Min Dha, Pongyi Dha (monk system)
  • Animal staff: Cobra, Tiger, Boar, Eagle.

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