Agua Blanca, Ecuador

Agua Blanca, Ecuador

Agua Blanca in the Machalilla National Park is a beautiful village to the east of Puerto Lopez.

The community is an extremely kind and generous. A team of eleven Scottish school kids from 16 to 18 years old recently took part in helping to build a computer room for the local primary school. With much help from the locals, they managed to almost finish it in five days: a major accomplishment for the inexperinced teenagers.

The communtity also has a small church and a museum in the center of the village. The church is fantastically painted in bright colours.

The area itself is a National Park and it requires a small entry fee for tourists. The park is home to a sulphur lake which smells strongly of rotten eggs. The water and the underlying mud are extremely good for the skin because of the sulphur in deposits. Around the lake one frequently sees humming birds feeding at the flowers overhanging the water.

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