Agnigarh is the site of the fortress which was built by Banasura to keep his daughter Usha in isolation. The name itself is derived from the words 'Agni' (meaning fire) and 'garh' (meaning fortress or wall) in Sanskrit.


Legend has it that this fortress was surrounded by fire at all times so that nobody could go in or out of the perimeter without permission. Usha fell in love with Aniruddha in her dreams not knowing who he was. Her companion Chitralekha identified him by painting his portrait from Usha's description.

Current state

Present day Agnigarh is a hill on the banks of the Brahmaputra which is one of the big tourist attractions in Tezpur. There is a circular stairway leading up to the crest of the hill where there are now sculptures depicting Usha's abduction of Aniruddha, the son of Krishna and the ensuing battle by Krishna to free them. There is also a viewing platform with the scenery around the river banks as well as the town centre and the Kolia Bhomora Setu bridge across the Brahmaputra.

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