Agnieszka Włodarczyk

Agnieszka Włodarczyk

Agnieszka Włodarczyk (born 13 December, 1980) is a Polish actress and singer,. She played her most popular roles in a movie Sara and a TV serie 13 Posterunek. In 2007 she released a debut album.


When she was 2 years old, her parents got divorced. When her mother, Anna Stasiukiewicz, got married again, they kept on moving from town to town. Among others, they lived in Ciechanów, Poznań and Warsaw, where she attended four primary schools. As a 15-year-old girl she became Teenagers Miss. On 26 March 1996 she debuted in Janusz Józefowicz's play Tyle Miłości (So much love) at Studio Buffo theatre in Warsaw. Later she took part in Metro, a play directed also by Józefowicz and played in the music video Reklama (Advertisement) by Polish singer K.A.S.A. But her first big success came in 1997 when she appeared in Maciej Ślesicki's movie Sara with such stars as Marek Perepeczko, Bogusław Linda and Cezary Pazura.

She continued her success with the role of Agnieszka Cezary in a Polish comedy sitcom 13 Posterunek (13th post). The first serie ran from 1997 to 1998 and turned out to be a massive hit in Poland. Soon after that she passed her high school final exams. In 1999 she starred in a TV serie entitled Pierwszy Milion (First million) and one year after in its fabular version. In 2000 she also took part in the second serie of 13 Posterunek and did several guest appearances in soap opera Na Dobre I Na Złe and comedy serie Świat Według Kiepskich. In 2001 and 2003 she played in Zostać Miss (To become the miss). Also in 2001 she started to play Wiktoria Potoczny in a soap opera Plebania. Later she starred in several hit movies, such as E=mc² (2002) or Nigdy W Życiu! (2004).

In 2005 she was one of the participants of Taniec Z Gwiazdami, first Polish edition of Dancing With The Stars, where she took 7th place. From March to June 2007 she took part in Polsat TV show Jak Oni Śpiewają, which is Polish version of Soapstar Superstar. She won the program, achieving over 60% of all votes. On 30 November 2007 her debut album was released, which was titled Nie Dla Oka (Not for eyes). Although the first single, Zawsze Byłam (I've always been) became a hit in Poland, the album received bad reviews. In the same year she hosted Miss Polonia 2007 competition, together with Przemysław Babiarz. In January 2008 her second single was released and in the summer of 2008 she recorded a brand new song that was released on a compilation signed by Polish Radio Eska. In the same year rumours appeared that Agnieszka worked on her second album, but the plans of its release were cancelled. It's officially confirmed that the actress is going to take part in the 3rd edition of TV show Gwiazdy Tańczą Na Lodzie, a Polish version of Stars Dancing On Ice.



  • 1997: Sara
  • 1999: Pierwszy Milion
  • 2000: Chłopaki Nie Płaczą
  • 2001: Poranek Kojota
  • 2002: Rób Swoje Ryzyko Jest Twoje
  • 2002: E=mc²
  • 2002: Komedia Więzienna
  • 2004: Nigdy W Życiu!
  • 2006: Job, Czyli Ostatnia Szara Komórka

TV series

  • 1997-98: 13 Posterunek
  • 1999: Pierwszy Milion
  • 2000: 13 Posterunek 2
  • 2000-08: Plebania
  • 2001: Zostać Miss
  • 2003: Zostać Miss 2
  • 2003-05: Czego Się Boją Faceci, Czyli Seks W Mniejszym Mieście
  • 2003-04: Rodzinka
  • 2004: Dziki
  • 2004: Talki Z Resztą
  • 2005: Dziki 2. Pojedynek
  • 2006: My Baby
  • 2007: Ja Wam Pokażę!

Guest TV series appearances

  • 2000: Na Dobre I Na Złe
  • 2000: Świat Według Kiepskich
  • 2004: Kryminalni




  • 2007: Zawsze Byłam
  • 2008: Bez Makijażu

Chart performance


Title Positions
OLiS - Polish Sales Official Chart
Nie Dla Oka 21


Title Positions
Poland Europe
Zawsze Byłam 12 106

Awards and nominations

  • 2007: Jak Oni Śpiewają
  • 2008: Viva Najpiękniejsi 2008 - most beautiful Pole (nomination)
  • 2008: Wiktory 2008 - best debut (nomination)

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