Agentti 000 ja kuolema kurvit

Agentti 000 ja kuoleman kurvit

Agentti 000 ja kuolema kurvit (English title Agent 000 and The Deadly Curves) was a 1983 Finnish spy comedy directed by Visa Mäkinen and written by Ismo Sajakorpi.


The film stars Ilmari Saarelainen as James Bond impersonator Joonas G. Breitenfeldt (Agent 000) and Tenho Saurén as a bank robber.

Mainstream English actor John Wood also makes an appearance as Agent 009, and his serious, wooden portrayal of the character stands in contrast to the outrageous antics of the other members of the cast contributing to further humour.

Finnish actress Kielo Tommila stars as the reporter Ulla Salla and the main love interest of Agent 000.


Very much the typical spoof the movie includes all the typical elements of the James Bond films, an evil genius villain, car chases, helicopters, gadgets and beautiful women.

The film involves a hazardous health clinic, the archetype villain's secret, console-crowded headquarters, as Agent 000 (Saarelainen) attempts to stop the masked villain's organisation (a spoof of SPECTRE) from turning the members of Finnish establishment into nudists, drunks or suicide candidates with a mind-control device. The parody content of the film is similar to that of Casino Royale (1967 film) starring David Niven and Peter Sellers.


The film premiered on 16 September 1983. It was produced by the Finnish film company Tuotanto Visa Mäkinen and was distributed by Kinosto. The company produced a number of other popular Finnish films in the 1980s and early 1990s such as Pirtua, Pirtua in 1992. The rights to the film are owned by director Visa Mäkinen.

The cinema version of the film had a running time of 89 minutes (1hr 29 minutes) although the uncut version released on VHS in 1984 actually ran 4 minutes longer at 92 minutes.

Initially for the big screen Agentti 000 ja kuoleman kurvit was awarded the Finland:S certificate but the home un cut version was given a Finland:K-12 labelling. A testimony to the lasting significance of the film it was re-released on DVD in the late 1990s.



  • Pertti Aherva
  • Keijo Mäkinen
  • Tapani Sillanpää


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