Agalliasis is a term that means great joy and is generally used in a religious context.

Christian context

It is generally thought of as a Christian term found most often in the Bible. Many Christians link it to the "born again" experience. It comes from agalliao which means gladness, or (exceeding) joy.

The Lord's Supper

"There is often a tingly feeling, most notably in the neck" others liken it to "electricity passing through them". This may be due to an endorphin rush for it tends to be incredibly pleasurable. Agalliasis was mentioned in the Acts of the Apostles, after the experience of the Holy Spirit They broke bread in the houses with "spiritual rejoicing" (Acts 2:46). The Last Supper was celebrated in a mood of leave-taking which was overshadowed by the events to come. After Pentecost a jubilant mood was experienced. The word, agalliasis, means more than 'joy'; it is a kind of spiritual enthusiasm and exaltation. The Last Supper had been a farewell meeting. After Pentecost it was like a first dawn of his second spiritual coming.


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