Afrikaner Union

Afrikaner Bond

The Afrikaner Bond (Afrikaans and Dutch for "Afrikaner Union"; South African Dutch: Afrikander Bond) was a political party in the Cape Colony. It was formed by the union of the Genootskap vir Regte Afrikaners (Society of True Afrikaners) under the leadership of Rev S.J. du Toit and the Zuidafrikaansche Boeren Beschermings Vereeniging (South African Farmers' Protection Association), founded by Jan Hendrik Hofmeyr in 1881. It aimed to advanced Afrikaner interests from the Cape to the Limpopo River.

Although frequently having a majority in the Cape Parliament, it never governed directly, generally forming coalitions with English speaking politicians. These included the Scanlen ministry, the administration of Cecil John Rhodes with which it split after the Jameson Raid and John X. Merriman, the last Prime Minister of the Cape Colony, 1908-1910, prior to the formation of the Union of South Africa on May 31st 1910. After Union, it ceased to be an independent party, merging with the South African Party in the Union parliament.

In 1882 it was able to have Dutch recognised as an official language of the Cape Colony.

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