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Four Sick Cats

Four Sick Cats is an American alternative metal band from Riverside, California.

Early years

In 1992, Edward Royster started the band in Riverside after leaving his former group, Statistic. He, along with Steve Ceidel, Vinnie Smith, Ian DiMenezzo, Jim Wick, and Ronnie Phelps, began performing at various local gigs. They eventually began performing in Los Angeles and released their debut album, What We Are, in 1996.

Major label years (1996 - 2000)

In 1996 the band was signed to Epic Records and released What We Are. After touring through North America and Europe they released their second effort, Broken Times, in 1998, which had some minor success in North America. The band's final studio album, Frayed State of Mind, in 2000. The album had more success than their last effort, charting on the Billboard Top 200. In late 2000, the band broke up.

Post breakup

After the breakup, Edward Royster formed Backwoods Warriors and performed on Aero's debut album, Empty. In 2004 he started another project, Blowfex, with Ronnie Phelps. Vinnie Smith and Jim Wick formed the short lived project LA Suicide Pact Number Nine. Steve Ceidel formed an independent record label and a vinyl shop in Chino, California. In 2003 and in 2005, Four Sick Cats have performed with all six original members. The band has talked of touring again sometime in the future.

In March 2007, the band announced that a compilation of B-sides and unreleased material, titled Lost Relics of the Golden Age, will be released sometime in May or June. A future for the band was not discussed, however. The album is due out on May 22, 2007.

Sound and influence

Four Sick Cats' sound has been described as avant garde, raucous, strange, and unique. They combined elements of stoner metal, southern rock, alternative rock, and nu-metal along with a humorous way of delivery. The band members have said their music "is not to be taken seriously and that they have fun with it, something most bands these days don't do."


  • Edward Royster - vocals
  • Steve Crowbar Ceidel - lead guitars
  • Vinnie Smith - rhythm guitars
  • Ian Dimenezzo - bass
  • Five Arm Jamie (Jim Wick) - electronics
  • Ronnie Phelps - drums



Year Title Chart positions Album
US Modern Rock US Mainstream Rock
1996 "The World Coming Down" - - What We Are
1998 "Scum" - - Broken Times
1998 "Made the Same Mistake" - #38 Broken Times
2000 "Full Circle" #36 #32 Frayed State of Mind
2000 "Right Before the Wraith" - - Frayed State of Mind
2004 "Headrushes" - - The World Coming Down: Definitive Four Sick Cats

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