Adi Ran

Adi Ran (עדי רן) (b. 1961- Ramat Gan, Israel) is an Israeli singer, musician, lyricist and composer who innovated a new music genre called Hasidic Underground (also known as Alternative Hasidic). He is a Na Nach Breslover.


Ran began his musical career as coordinator in the Ramat Gan tribe of the Israel Boy and Girl Scouts Federation. Later, he attracted a loyal group of fans after starting to perform in Tel Aviv pubs on the local underground music scene.

In 1993, Ran became a baal teshuva and continued his music career heavily influenced spiritually by Breslov Hasidism in the new genre that he perhaps created and which he remains unique, Hasidic Underground.

He rose to fame after the 2005 release of the film Ushpizin, whose soundtrack featured two of his older songs, Atah Kadosh and Yesh Rak HaKadosh Baruch Hu.

His music is influenced by Israeli singers Meir Ariel, Arik Einstein, and Shalom Hanoch, and foreign acts like Bob Dylan, Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd.


  • 1998 - HaAharon SheBaAm, האחרון שבעם
  • 2001 - Al Take BaSela, אל תכה בסלע
  • 2004 - Ma Yesh Lakhem Lid'og, מה יש לכם לדאוג
  • 2006 - Adi Ran Unplugged, עדי רן והגיטרה - אלבום אנפלאגד
  • 2007 - Adi Ran and Srulik Herschtik, עדי רן ושרוליק הרשטיק
  • 2007 - Live, בהופעה חיה


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