Adenanthera pavonina

Adenanthera pavonina

Adenanthera pavonina (Barbados pride, Coral-wood, Coralwood, Peacock flower fence, Red beadtree, Red sandalwood tree, Red sandalwood, Sandalwood tree; syn. Adenanthera gersenii Scheff., Adenanthera polita Miq., Corallaria parvifolia Rumph.) is a timber tree. This plant is found in the wild in India, where in each language it has its own name (for example in Kerala it is known as Manchadi), and it is also introduced in the following contries of America: Brazil, specially in Caatinga vegetation; Costa Rica, Honduras, Cuba, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, Trinidad, Tobago, Venezuela, and the United States, specially in southern Florida.


In addition, this plant is useful for nitrogen fixation, and it is often cultivated as a forage, a medicinal plant, and an ornamental plant which is used as a garden plant and urban tree. This tree is common within the tropics of the old world, particularly in the Maldives, principally upon the shores. The beauty of the seeds, their use as beads and for necklace, and their nourishing qualities, have combined to scatter the plant. the small, yellowish flower grows in dense drooping rat-tail flower heads, almost like catkins. The curved hanging pods, with a bulge opposite each see, split open each into two twisted halves to reveal the hard, scarlet seeds that have been used since early times for weighing gold. The young leaves can be cooked and eaten. the wood is extremely hard and used in boat-building and making furniture.

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