Aden Mohamed Nur Saran-Sor

Aden Saran-Sor

Aden Mohamed Nur Saran-Sor (Aaden Maxamed Nuur [Aaden Saransoor]), commonly known as Aaden Saransoor, is a Somali warlord. He is a commander in the Rahanweyn Resistance Army (RRA), and his militia is in control of Baidoa, seat of the Transitional Federal Parliament.

On October 6, 2006, his militia surrounded the house of general Ali Hussein Loyan, (also know as Ali Mohamed Hassan Loyan), the national police commander. On the thiry-first of the same month, Saran-Sor was accused of backing rebellion against the Transitional Federal Parliament by Aden Mohamed Nor, Minister of Justice in the Baidoa-based government. When the RRA split into two rival factions, Saran-Sor supported Mohamed Ibrahim Habsade.

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