Adele King

Adele King

Adele King (born Adele Condron-King on 4 April 1951) is an Irish popular entertainer better known in Ireland as "Twink" from her time as a member of a group called Maxi, Dick and Twink, which was a popular girl band in Ireland in the late 1960s. She has two daughters, Chloë (born 1989) and Naomi (b. 1993), both attending Alexandra College of Miltown.

Pantomime and theatre

Adele King has been entertaining people by singing and acting since the age of five. She was a Gaiety Kiddie and worked in pantomime in the Gaiety Theatre in Dublin with Jimmy O'Dea, Milo O'Shea and Maureen Potter. She was also a Young Dublin Singer.

She has spent more than 30 years in Dublin's theatres: 26 years in the Gaiety Theatre, two years in the Point Theatre and five years in the Olympia Theatre. At the Olympia Theatre she co-produced and co-wrote much of the shows. She could be considered Ireland's 'Panto Queen'.

Twink has had lead roles in many theatrical productions in Ireland. These include:


Twink has appeared on Irish television regularly since the late 1960s. She has starred in her own series "Twink" on RTÉ. She spent ten years on Play The Game, and has made many appearances as a guest on a wide range of programmes, including RTÉ's Late Late Show, being the subject of a tribute on the that show in 2005. In 2003 she took part in RTÉ's Celebrity Farm.

She says that the highlight of her career was being the guest at the Point Theatre at a Perry Como concert.

Twink won a Jacob's Award for her performance in the 1981 Christmas Light Entertainment Special on RTÉ Two.

Agony aunt

Twink has written an agony aunt page for over five years for the Irish magazine TV Now.

Theatre school

In the summer of 2002 Twink established a school for the performing arts, the Adele King Theatre School. |AKTS. The school has locations in Castleknock and Greenhills. Pupils of the school have appeared in television programmes, films and commercials in Ireland and overseas. Twink was accused of a conflict of interest over her marks for a contestant, known to her, on the talent show Class Act. Her reaction was unique:
"If Osama bin Laden's son was on the programme and he threatened to send a big squad to my house if I didn't put his child through, I wouldn't."

Private life

As an Irish celebrity, Twink's private life has been lived in the public eye. Twink and David Agnew, an oboist with an international reputation, married in 1983. In 1989, their first daughter, Chloe Agnew, was born. Chloe appears to have inherited her parents' gift for music: in 2003 she released her first single This Holy Christmas Night and in 2004 she released her first album Chloe. In 1994, Twink's second daughter, Naomi, was born.

In October 2004, after 21 years, Twink's and David Agnew's marriage was over. In 2006, David Agnew (then aged 45 years old) had a baby with Ruth Hickey (then 29 years old). This prompted a now-legendary phone call from Twink (then 54 years old) to David Agnew . This was left on an answering machine. However later it appeared on the internet, on sites like YouTube. It contains some gusty non-pantomime language, such as the now synonymous "zip up your mickey". .

Twink also has a love of animals and has many pets, including dogs, cats, birds and a donkey. She lives with her daughters and pets in Knocklyon, Dublin.


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