Adowal is a town and Union Council of Gujrat District in the Punjab province of Pakistan. It is located at 32°37'0N 73°10'60E and lies outside district capital - Gujrat. It is bordered by the GT road on one side and on the other touches Gujranwala by-pass. Adowal is considered one of the big towns in Gujrat population-wise as well as area-wise. Adowal is the headquarters of the Union Council. Like, many other neighbouring towns, history of the town is unknown. No one really knows how the town was named and who actually built the first home in the town.

Income Sources

Agriculture used to be the primary source of income of the natives of Adowal; however, with the passing time people have changed their reliance on agriculture as a primary source. Nowadays, a large majority of people tend to migrate to Middle Eastern and Western countries to explore more job opportunities.


Most of the people living in Adowal are Muslims; there is a very small Christian minority as well in the town. There are six Masjids in the town.


People of Adowal take great interest in the politics and, when it comes to vote,they blindly follow their elders in “Baradari” (group of people related by the same caste).

Safety and Security

Unlike other towns of Gujrat, Adowal is not known for family enmities. Overall safety and security situation is better than other towns in Gujrat.

Major Issues

Quality Education

Quality Education is one of the major issues in the town although; there are four private primary schools with two public schools, but the quality of education is not too good. People do want their kids to get good education and do higher studies, but there is no appropriate environment in the town which can encourage the majority to get higher education.

Fortunately, Govt. Comprehensive School Gujrat, just on the northern western side of Adowal, provides a great opportunity to the boys of Adowal to get relatively good education. Govt. Comprehensive School Gujrat has produced many professionals over the decades. The famous pop singer Abrar-ul-Haq studied in the same school.

Drinking Water

People use to have water hand pumps for the water, now most of the people shifted to electric motor pumps. Traditionally, these pumps are fitted on the bore of depth 65 feet. From that depth, water quality used to be very good; fifteen years ago the water could have been matched with any international mineral water brand. But, now quality drinking water is not found on such low depth. People are drilling three hundred feet to get best quality water. Because of the bad quality water people are getting many illnesses.


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