Ada Gospels

The Ada Gospels (Trier, Staatsbibliothek, Cod.22) is a late eighth century or early ninth century Carolingian Gospel Book. The manuscript contains a dedication to Charlemagne's sister Ada, whence it gets its name. The manuscript is written on vellum in Carolingian minuscule. It measures 14.5 by 9.625 inches. The Ada Gospels are one of a group of manuscripts, known to modern scholars as the Ada School. Other members of the Ada School include the Soissons Gospels and the Lorsch Gospels.

The manuscript is illuminated. Its illuminations include an elaborate initial page for the Gospel of Matthew and portraits of Matthew, Mark and Luke. The illuminations show Insular, Italian and Byzantine influences. The Evangelist portraits show a firm grasp of Classical style typical of the Carolingian Renaissance.

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