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Progress Software Corporation (Nasdaq: PRGS), formerly Data Language Corporation, is an American software company which sells business application infrastructure software. Its best known product is the OpenEdge Advance Business Language (formerly known as Progress 4GL), which was developed in the early 1980s. The best known application written in (on) Progress is MFG/PRO (from QAD). Progress is the largest software company based in Massachusetts; their headquarters are in Bedford. The company is composed of four operating units: Progress OpenEdge Division, Sonic Software, DataDirect Technologies, and Progress Real Time Division.

Progress Software was co-founded under the name Data Language Corporation by several MIT graduates, including Joseph W. Alsop, in 1981. The company was renamed in 1987. Progress products and technology are used at over 60,000 organizations in 140 countries including 90% of the Fortune 500. Progress technology provides the infrastructure for applications as diverse as ERP and financial trading, across industries as diverse as retail (Smartstores), manufacturing, telecommunications, financial services, and government.

In October 2002 Progress Software acquired Boston based eXcelon Corporation (Nasdaq: EXLN, formerly Object Design, Nasdaq: ODIS) for approximately US$24 Million. Their XML database technology is now part of Sonic Software and their high performance Object Database technology, ObjectStore, is now part of Progress Real Time Division.

eXcelon also created an XML IDE, Stylus Studio, which is now sold by Progress Software.

In January 2006 Progress Software acquired Mountain View based Actional Corporation, which itself was the merger between Actional Corporation and WestBridge Technologies (an XML Security company). Actional has remained an independent product unit within Progress, and focuses on providing enterprise-class SOA Management, Security, and run-time Governance solutions that cross vendor and protocol boundaries, based upon open standards.

In September 2008 Progress Software acquired IONA Technologies. IONA brings three product lines into the fold: FUSE (open source SOA), Artix (commercially-licensed SOA), and Orbix (CORBA infrastructure).


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